While the coronavirus has brought households closer (sometimes uncomfortably so), it's also led to an increase in social media usage including a deluge of IG Live sessions. While the good Diddy Combs was holding his Easter IG Live session it wasn't long until Hip Hop's favorite past-time of twerking invaded his family friendly stream. 

Lizzo came up and did what's second nature to her, twerked her heart out- but on this holiest of days Diddy wasn't having none of it. He quickly shut her down claiming it's Easter, and we wanted to keep it family friendly. 

Just like he wasn't having none of the twerking, the internet wasn't having his reasoning, claiming it was horribly fat-phobic of him to shunt the Queen. The heat was so high that Combs had to address the issue head on and was forced to respond- 

"There's one thing that I wanna make clear," he moved to clarify. "My queen, my sister, Lizzo, when I stopped the music, it's because it had a lot of curses in there. Not because she was twerking. She's one of the best twerkers in the world, okay? So let's keep that clear. It wasn't about twerking. You're allowed to twerk on Easter. There was a lot of cursing on the record and I don't need child services knocking on my door right now, you understand?
April 13, 2020 — Admin Account

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