One of Flavor Flav's baby mama's struck back against another one of Wendy Williams baseless claims that the clothing she was selling to support her and Flav's son was fake. 

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Here is my son, Jordan, sitting surrounded by official Flavor Flav merchandise. Jordan is Flav’s son. I used to manage Flav but no longer do due to the obvious reason. I bought tons of merchandise when I was his manager and now I need money for my son’s everyday needs because I am not getting any child support, so decided to pull out all the merch and sell it to you. It is being sold at a discount rate. I will also be donating a percentage to children’s hospital because they helped me as a kid and are really working hard now even with the Coronavirus to help kids. Info on the merch is below. Message me if interested. T-Shirts $15, Hats $20 and Hoodies $30 plus shipping. Will ship worldwide. #FlavorFlav @childrensla Hoodies are premium material and shirts

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Apparently Flav hasn't been paying child support and Kate Gammell's been selling merch she acquired from the time that she was his manager to help with her son's "everyday needs." Wendy Williams claimed from her At Home edition that Gammell was "taking advantage of someone who was less smart at the time.

After hearing Wendy mention her hustle, Gammell clapped back with her own message and stated explicitly where all of the funds would be going- 

"@wendyshow, on today’s show you brought up that the Flavor Flav merchandise I am selling is not authentic," Kate wrote. "I have no idea where you came up with this. Flavor was very much involved in the choice of the colors and designs. See the above screenshot posts from @flavorflavoffical where he is promoting the merchandise. The merch was produced and is now being sold under a licensing agreement between Flavor and me. Under the agreement, he is to receive a percentage of sales, but because he owes me money, to reduce his debt to me, I am withholding his share which will go to Jordan with a percentage to Children’s Hospital."

"I am selling the merch at a reduced price because of the country’s current crisis and many people are out of work," she continued. "Another reason is that I need to recoup some of my costs for Jordan’s care since I am not receiving child support. I will not even break even for the money I put into his merch as some of the hoodies cost almost $30 wholesale. I just hope now that your comments do not sabotage my efforts to provide for my son and give to Children’s Hospital."

"Also, regarding Jordan, @wendyshow you said I took advantage of Flavor 'who was less than smart at the time.' Where on earth did you come up with that?" she asked. "Flavor is very aware of everything he does. Anyone that knows Flavor and me would find this to be absurd. You should have mentioned, as @hiphopdx reported, that Flavor owes me $50,000, which he refuses to pay and that he is fighting having to pay child support. So, who is taking advantage of who? So, @wendyshow, I am just trying to provide for my son where his father refuses to step up to the plate."

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