Even legends can fall, and it seems like Drake experienced a little bit of humility this past weekend at Camp Glog Gnaw. Tyler the Creator fans are straight savages, and after not getting the surprise guest they wanted, they proceeded to boo Drake right off the stage. 

As a surprise guest was teased for the event, fans went out on a limb and guessed that Frank Ocean would be headlining the event. Hype skyrocketed - especially since Frank has been more vocal of late, which may be leading up to a new album. 

Frank Ocean wasn't even announced as a guest - and of course when Drake eventually did appear on stage he was trashed by fans that felt betrayed. Reaching out to DJ Akademiks, Drake came to a conclusion - it “was just not my night. Wasn’t who they wanted to see”.

In taking the time to reach out to Akademiks, it seems as though the Canadian rapper took the entire thing in stride. Drake recognized the Tyler fans at Camp Glog Gnaw wanted another man, and every now and then it was good to be knocked down a few pegs. 

November 11, 2019 — Admin Account

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