In a story that sounds all too common, many believe a man was unjustly convicted by the system - but the twist is, just like Meek Mill's case the case of Rodney Reed sounds as though it rings true. 

In 1996 Rodney was convicted of killing his then girlfriend Stacey Stites in the state of Texas. When she was found murdered, authorities immediately blamed Rodney seemingly without full due process. No DNA evidence was tested, and Rodney's alibi was blatantly thrown out. 

Today his story has gone viral - especially because Rodney is scheduled to be executed November 20th. Another inmate, Arthur Snow claims to have information to exonerate Rodney. After spending time in prison with Stite's fiance Jimmy Fennell, Arthur claims Jimmy confessed to murdering Stacey. 

With the story gaining ground, major names within the hip hop industry and beyond have reached out with messages of support, and a petition link that at the time of this writing has just over 75,000 of 100K signatures. 

November 04, 2019 — Admin Account

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