Draya Michele regrets a lot of things, but appearing on the Basketball Wives franchise ranks high on her list. While it did help to propel her into the spotlight as a rising reality star, perhaps the way she went about gaining exposure wasn't the best. She often engaged in physical fights with cast-members, and thinks the show could have hurt her image. 

Taking time to sit down with E! News Just the Sip, Draya detailed how the show's producers were profiting off the exploitation of black women's aggression. 

"Basketball Wives has this stereotype of these angry black women and I feel like more than just black people watch it. People who aren’t familiar with black culture take that and they think that is what we are. I feel really, really bad that I was a part of that and contributed to that."

"Black women, we’re queens. We’re so much more than arguing with each other over stupid stuff. I never want people to think that I’m this aggressive black woman because I’m not," she added. "I’m aggressive when it comes to my work and my business, but I’m not like a...try to fight you in the streets. I feel like the show gave me that. I got pushed to the limit where I had to bark back."

At the end of the day, there are countless hungry actors and actresses waiting for their big break, and many take chances that they later end up regretting. Draya clearly feels that way. 

"If you sign up for a show like that you know what it is. They can sit there and they can say to you, ‘Sign this paper, you’re going to be on this show, we’re going to talk about your business and everything’s going to be amazing.’ But you watch the show. You know already. You know what’s up."

October 11, 2019 — Admin Account

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