With the upcoming release of Fat Joe's new album Family Tie's, it seems like the rapper decided to gift himself a little upgrade. Joe has described Family Ties as "the Best Album Ever" from rappers dead or alive to Power 106's L.A. Leakers, essentially his swan song. "The Biggest on Earth."

While the veracity of that claim will be seen when the album actually drops, it's clear Joe is feeling pretty good with himself - so much so that he dropped $150K into his Rolls-Royce on customs. 

TMZ reported on the story first, showing that he dropped some fat stacks on the 2020 Cullinan - originally valued at $350K, the Bronx rapper sent his whip over to Will Castro of Will Castro Designs and Unique Rides on the MotorTrend Network to add on all his personal touches.

Fat Joe's New Custom Rolls-Royce Cullinan is Worth About Half a Mil https://t.co/E5eMGqn0tk

— TMZ (@TMZ) November 26, 2019

TMZ claimed that he installed "2-tone matte blue color with a white wrap, as well as a matching interior that had to be installed as well." Custom 24-in rims, Nitto tires and mini-tv's were installed on top of the specialized colors. The Cullinan is already a beast in luxurious features such as a champagne chiller, massage seats, cocktail table, elevated rear seating, a whiskey decanter, and much more under the hood. 

November 26, 2019 — Admin Account

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