It was just a few short weeks ago that Carmello Anthony didn't have a contract - his career in the NBA could have all but been over. Fortunately he was signed to the Portland Trail Blazers but it's no guaranteed thing. The contract at least. 

Regardless, Anthony has been playing well and has actually even been improving his game. Recently Carmello's former teammate the legendary Allen Iverson sat down with Complex and discussed his recent trouble finding a team. On Complex's Loaded Management, Iverson went all out, saying that nearly every current NBA player is bad on defense and that the comments and struggles Anthony has faced are borderline offensive.

Everybody is a defensive liability in this league today. I’m trying to tell you, man. This shit is making me mad … I hate that comment right there," Iverson said. “When I was in college — when you think back on it — if any basketball heads in here … you will know what I’m talking about without me saying it.

From his comments it's likely Iverson sees a little bit of himself and his own struggles in Anthony. What do you think and what's your hot take, has Carmello Anthony been treated unfairly here?
November 27, 2019 — Admin Account

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