Hit up Hip Hop Bling today for your fresh AF Frank Ocean bling jewelry, we’ll make sure you’re repping like the biggest names in the game, without their cash. Ocean is a sleeper of an artist, putting out the dopest tracks and production pieces while still repping down low, even when he’s had an album on the top 200 for over 100 weeks straight.

There are some men that don’t need a load of bling to make themselves heard, their pieces merely enhance their G status. Frank Ocean is one of those men- with the occasional classic hip hop chain about his neck or that bling bracelet around his wrist, Frank Ocean for the most part lets his beats do the speaking for him.

Frank Ocean - 'Nikes' from Tyrone Lebon on Vimeo.

We get it, at times you’re out hustling, you’re providin’ for the fam back home and there’s just not much cheese to spread for a lit new look- Hip Hop Bling’s got all the banger’s covered, we’ve got the hottest hip hop chains, iced out earrings and bling bling pieces for sale. Make sure your style’s always on point and cop a new piece today.


September 19, 2018 — Admin Account

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