As fall comes around in 2019 we'd like to take a moment to run down the Top 10 Rappers of 2019 in our eyes and that of the community. Hip Hop Bling may be the premier provider of high end hip hop jewelry online for 16+ years straight, but we're still keyed into the music that makes this industry great. 

10. Lil Baby

Born in 1994 and coming up in the trap of Atlanta Georgia, Lil Baby is probably best known for his singles such as "Freestyle," "Yes Indeed," and "Drip Too Hard." Both Indeed and Too Hard debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart at #6 and #4 respectively. If you've seen him out you know Baby loves his fresh ice, and you can grab your own iced out pendants here from Hip Hop Bling. 

9. Offset

Another member of the Atlanta rapper family, Offset saw massive success under his joint group Migos, however he's branched out to additional creative outlets in later 2018-19 that ensure he and the power couple he forms with his wife Cardi B will be topping charts for years to come. 

8. Torey Lanez

Torey Lanez isn't a new name to the game, he's been busting out bangers since Lost Cause in 2014. This Canadian rapper has always stayed relevant though, and in late 2018 with the drop of his third studio album Love Me Now? he's proven he's still got the fire. Keep your eyes out for his upcoming latin El Agua project in 2020 and keep your eyes on our new product page for chains like Lanez. 

7. Meek Mill

Meek Mill is no stranger to the game, and has had several life changing experiences in the past two years that have both driven him creatively and personally to become a better artist and man. Between his time in the spotlight with the 2019 appeal of his 2008 charges Meek has squashed old beef, united with Drake for some bangers, beat corruption in the criminal justice system, released Dream Chasers 4 and contributed to a documentary that is available on Netflix. 

6. Eminem

Once known as The Goat, with over 227.1 MILLION albums sold worldwide, Eminem is the top selling rapper of all time, and ranked within the top 10 selling artists of all time. With his late release of Kamikaze, the success of his Venom movie sountrack, the Killshot to MGK's career and his other endeavors, there is no counting out the best battle rapper still part of the game. 

5. XXXTentacion

Like him or not, there can be no arguing the monumental impact XXX has had upon the hip hop community at large - especially his loyal fanbase. After his death in 2018, his tracks jumped in value with Look At Me certified platinum with his second studio album debuting at the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

4. Lil Nas X

Another rapper from the ATL region has made the top of our list and the reasons why Lil Nas X is here should be no surprise. With his groundbreaking Old Town Road, Nas X is perhaps one of the fastest up and coming artists of today. When it released, Old Town Road reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for 19 straight weeks. To put it in perspective, it is the only song to do so since the charts began in 1958. As of this writing his songs have been streamed over 2.3 Billion times in the span in less than a year. 

3. Pusha T

Pusha T has been hustling the game since before some of today's artists were born - coming up in 1993, Pusha T has been putting out bangers 'till the modern day. In recent times his beef with Drake has propelled him back into the limelight. Pusha's still riding the high from his third studio album Daytona which released to critical acclaim, and "The Story of Adidon" combined with Daytona earned him the title of "Best Rapper Alive" by Complex. 

2. Drake

This addition should be no surprise to anyone, Drake has been a monumental force within the hip hop industry since his 2010 debut album Thank Me Later. Becoming a juggernaut in the industry with Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, Views and 2018's Scorpion album have all been received with critical appraise. As one of the richest rappers in hip hop, you can bet his music and iced out style are here to stay. Grab your own Drake inspired gold chains and hip hop pendants here from Hip Hop Bling.

.@chrisbrown and @Drake have themselves a smash hit with #NoGuidance

Congrats guys! 🙌🙌

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1. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is undoubtedly one of the most talented and successful rappers of his generation and this generation. His production skills and hard hitting bars have had a cultural impact felt far further than hip hop, and we'd be remiss if we didn't grant him the title of the New King of Hip Hop. In the last two years alone Kendrick is credited with the groundbreaking movie soundtrack in Marvel's Black Panther movie, and his Damn. album is the FIRST non-classical or jazz album to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music. 

Today Kendrick Lamar stands on the top of the game, and we look forward to hearing more beats from him - hopefully soon. 

What are your thoughts on our list? Do you have your own rankings you'd like to share? Get at us in the comments below, and if you demand more articles like these, let us know. If you're looking to cop a style, a custom chain or your own favorite rapper inspired piece, Hip Hop Bling will drench you in ice, pure drip for a value price.

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