A tweet by Lloyd Banks was checked on a new Budden podcast after the former G-Unit rapper posted a somewhat disheartening tweet- "Let’s be real..ain’t nobody checking for banks anymore."


 While Banks followed up that comment saying he was joking, many out there (ourselves included) believe he was being serious. Joe Budden and his crew of Rory and Mal took a moment to talk about it, and whether there was room in the current game for veteran artists who have gone silent. 

In short, the answer is yes- with a caveat. Just like any industry, those who have been out of the limelight for a while will have to put in more work to create hype than if they were currently relevant. Sounds like a safe bet. This could be especially difficult for Banks though, who haven't released a studio album since 2010 - even if if he has dropped the occasional mixtape. 

"I don't feel like an artist, rapper, should ever get to this point," Budden said "It's almost our job to not ever get to this point...To see him say it...To see him not only say it, but to say it to someone who is asking for new music is telling. It was f*cked up to me. This is the one guy, who, you're never gonna think he's doing something for attention or trolling or clout chasing. He's serious if he says something."

Check out the full conversation below. 

September 29, 2019 — Admin Account

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