Hopsin has been at the head of the underground sound for a long time now, taking a different approach and vibe to the multitude of trap rappers and traditional west-coast rappers in the game. Marcus Jamal Hopsin has spent his time rapping, producing and laying down records- as the owner of his own label, Hopsin has spent time in the hustle and is one of the realest G’s dedicated to his craft.

You may have not heard Hopsin’s name thrown out that much, and why? His net worth is indicative of his hustle, one that to date has his estimate net worth at approximately $3 Million. He may not have as many fans as say Future or even Post Malone, but his fans are die-hard dedicated to him, a crew in the millions instead of just the few kept close.

After getting name-checked on Eminem’s Fall track on Kamikaze, Hopsin’s back in the studio dropping dope beats. When we’ll see his next project, we’re not sure- whenever it comes though, we’ll be on top of it. Keep eyes on HipHopBling.com for more info.

December 13, 2018 — Admin Account

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