Tyler the Creator is one of the most creative forces in hip hop right now, and has been behind some of the most exploratory projects these past two years- Odd Future, the A$AP Mob and even Pharrell Williams have been close contributors to Tyler’s success. As a celebrated actor, rapper and producer, Tyler is busy hustlin’ and working on his next Collective of Odd music and multimedia works.

As 2018 begins to come to a close, where does Tyler the Creator rank in the wealthiest hip hop artists in the game? As of 2018 Tyler’s net worth is believed to be north of approximately $6 Million, putting him ahead of many of the big name rappers that drop bombs and bars about all their bread.

Tyler may have a bit of a head start on names like Cardi B, but even with her massive success Tyler is still pulling ahead. With a multitude of works under his belt and more to come, Tyler’s gonna be a force in the music industry for some time to come.

December 13, 2018 — Admin Account

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