For a minute Jay Z and Fat Joe's relationship wasn't all that, but their "All The Way Up" remix collaboration definitely was a turning point for the two. Each rapper put aside their differences and put out for New York City. 

Joey Crack took a minute to sit down with Peter Rosenberg to hash out a few details on his past, and revealed that many rappers were trying to hop on the remix, including Drake - but Jay Z shot it down, because he wanted it to be special. Only the original artists were there to contribute. 

"I got a FaceTime call maybe three times while 'All the Way Up' was out," said Fat Joe on Open Late. "And it was your man, the 6 God, Drake.

Drake was asking for the instrumentals so he could lay down some vocals, but Hov himself decided he didn't want any extra artists on the new take. 

"[Jay-Z] said 'Look, Joe. It means so much to the history between us, let's not put no one else on the song,'" said Joe. "He's not referring to Drake. ... Everyone wanted to get on the remix."

June 03, 2020 — Admin Account

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