Kanye West is many things, and a man able to avoid ranting at a time like this is not in his genes. Which makes it all the more curious why he's remained staunchly silent while Black Lives are on the line and racial injustice is rampant. 

Many have wondered both why Yeezy's been so quiet about a subject he's been so vocal about in his music. Whether it's in support of his good friend Donald Trump or another reason, we're asking - where is Kanye? 

While many are looking to him for support, others are just as happy he's kept quiet, believing he'd complicate issues.

Ebro Darden commented on Kanye's absence this morning on Twitter - former NBA star Kendrick Perkins spoke out saying "I thought Kanye West and Trump were good friends?! NOW is the time for Kanye to pull up to the White House and have a sit down with old Donald Trump. Just saying......."

See his tweet and others on the topic below - 



June 04, 2020 — Admin Account

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