Can you believe it's been a whole three years since Kanye West melted down during his St. Pablo tour, and fans were righteously frustrated when the rest of the shows were canceled. 

In November 2016, Kanye was absent from a variety of shows, and the ones he was present for he had a mental breakdown and spewed controversial rants. Heading off to the hospital, Yeezy was diagnosed with psychosis. 

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the following year Kanye West actually put forward a $10 Million lawsuit against his insurer Lloyds of London because they wouldn't provide any coverage for his mental breakdown - despite very clear forms from Kanye's doctors. Claiming Yeezy used alcohol and marijuana, Lloyds said that invalidated their contract. 

Now fans are concerned about Yeezy's mental health once again with his newest Jesus is King tour - he's already been confirmed as bipolar, and apparently he's off his meds. Fans are worried his mental health won't be sustainable - especially since TMZ uncovered that concert related mental breakdowns are not covered.There may however there may be a special under writing policy just for Kanye, to provide coverage dependent on whether he's on his meds or not.
October 29, 2019 — Admin Account

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