With Halloween tomorrow, we've already seen a slew of crazy costumes from the Hip Hop community - some notably better than others. Not to be outdone, Tyga held a massive party for him and a few friends (note: PLENTY of friends) last night. 

Tyga announced last week that he would be hosting a range of events at Yamashiro, a California hot spot overlooking the stunning Hollywood Boulevard. Titled Mamacita of the Dead, the night was to used to promote his new single of the same name. Kicking off on tuesday night, the party went on all the way through the early hours of wednesday - throughout it all, Tyga was in his killer costume.

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With some crazy face paint, killer grey dreads, fancy tophat and formal wear, Tyga was absolutely killing it. The party continues tonight, bringing many of Tyga's fans to the same spot for more - now whether or not he'll wear the same getup is up for grabs, but we won't blame him if he does. 
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