You know the name, Joey Badass/ Joey Bada$$ aka Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott isn’t satisfied simply being a rapper, he’s also a record producer and actor from Brooklyn, who’s hometown title has earned him both respect and notoriety. As a member of the Hip Hop Collective Pro Era, Joey’s made his cash throughout the years dropping dope albums and tracks since 2012.

As of 2019 Joey Bada$$ has worked with a wealth of both big names and underground rappers across the game. With the popularity of XXXTentacion on the rise after his death, Joey’s stock has risen as well- with an estimated 2019 net worth of $5 Million.

With potentially more music on the horizon, it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing fire tracks from him in the years to come. Keep your eyes peeled, Hip Hop Bling’s got you covered for more celebrity news and net values.

May 08, 2019 — Adam Wilbanks

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