Brought up in Dallas, Usher, or Usher Raymond IV is one of the biggest ballers to have ever bren part of the game. With the start of notoriety from his debut album in 1994, Usher is a King of R&B, and is recognized as one of the best songwriters of the 21st Century. With his father leaving at the tender age of 1, Usher’s no stranger to hustling and that’s one reason he ranks as one of the top 50 richest rappers to have ever been a player of the game.

Usher dropped his first album at the age of 15 and hasn’t looked back since- with his latest album “Daddy’s Home,” having dropped in 2018, Usher’s wealth has skyrocketed throughout the years. Today in 2019 Usher’s net worth is estimated to be upwards of $180 Million dollars.

Whether it’s working with Lil John, Ludacris, Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, P. Diddy, Zaytoven or other major songwriters and entertainers of the past decades, Usher has solidified his lasting legacy as one of the best R&B singers of this generation. Having sung at the Super Bowl and just about wrapped on 9 studio albums, the only thing stopping us from hearing more Usher is his own ambition.

May 03, 2019 — Adam Wilbanks

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