Chris Brown took to Instagram the other day to celebrate the gift of a new whip, but it's a little different than you think. The photo shows off Brown standing on top of the back wheel, and a caption that read  "THANK YOU KANYE." No explanation given further. 

Back in August Business Insider revealed that Kanye West's preferred travel method when he was exploring the beautiful outdoors of Wyoming was a custom tank. Named the Ripsaw EV2, this $500K performance tank is the fastest in class, and was originally intended for military use. 

Now some may wonder how Kanye transported such a heavy piece from Wyoming to LA. We're wondering too, as no details whatsoever have appeared from either artist as to why the handsome gift was so nonchalantly announced on the Gram, or why it was gifted in the first place. 
December 25, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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