Just when you thought Karrine Steffans was leaving the limelight with her talk of her numerous sexscapades, she has thrust herself back into the spotlight with some new details regarding Trey Songz, Michael B. Jordan and Chris Brown. 

Steffans sat down on The Salon with Lala Milan and made a few allegations. "Trey Songz tried to pee on me for my birthday," she said before laughing. "I was like, 'Trey, that's not how birthdays work.' It was my 38th birthday."

She then went on to say that she allegedly slept with Michael B Jordan in a hotel when he was only 18. Now 34, Jordan is happily partnered with girlfriend Lori Harvey. When questioned about her supposed experience with Jordan, Steffans seemed unimpressed. "His mother did not like that," said Steffans  "It was fine... It was alright." Apparently, Jordan wasn't the only teen Steffan was bedding down because she also claimed that she slept with Chris Brown when he was 18.

"I hope he was 18," she stated, adding that he may have been 19. In an alleged interaction with Brown, Steffans said he "took advantage" of her but it wasn't an encounter that she was upset about. "It wasn't my idea," she said. "He snuck up on me." Steffans recalled she was cleaning her tub while wearing a dress and Brown allegedly snuck up from behind.

"In my defense, he took advantage, but I liked it," Steffans added. "I didn't see it coming." 

Steffans likely will remain in the spotlight as social media fans pop by to share their opinions. 

July 08, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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