After the death of Kobe Bryant there was an outpouring of support for both himself and his daughter GiGi. Many incredible murals lept forth, but among all the talented there were a few less than top tier performances that made their way into the public eye. 

Not everyone found those commemorations appealing. 



Black Indy Live showed this questionable piece of artwork displayed at a gas station in Indianapolis. While the artist may have meant well, the public agreed it was more of an eyesore than tribute and wanted it gone. A public outrage sparked the call, but not everyone agreed that someone's hard worked on positive tribute should be discarded so easily-

"It’s always [people] that can’t do some s**t that’s critiquing others’ work!! STFU!! Y’all can’t even draw not along do grafitti. The Kobe wall definitely ain’t the coldest but damn at least they tried!! [People] will kill your spirit if you let [them]!! Hey, but this is social media ain’t it…"

Peep the below tributes and tell us for yourself: should Kobe's smirking face and armpit hair have been painted over?



February 10, 2020 — Admin Account

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