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Lil Pump catches Lil Uzi Vert's attention after showing off his own forehead diamond implant.

Bling is boss as they say in the Hip Hop Community and the bigger the diamonds and the flashier the bling, the better, right? Earlier this year, the Philadelphia-raised superstar debuted his new look, showing to the world his new forehead diamond, that he spent a whopping $24 million on.

It seems with his career on steep decline, fellow rapper Lil Pump has resorted back to clout chasing for a quick buzz and shoutout on the gram. In a post, he throws shade at Uzi Vert, stating, "@liluzivert this one is 28 mil," wrote the Trump-endorsing rapper with a picture of him stunting a diamond in the middle of his face. People have not been kind to Pump in the comments, tearing him apart for yet another embarrassing display online. Even Uzi was lost for words, simply responding to the rapper with one word: "Wow."


April 28, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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