Last month Megan Thee Stallion was placed in the legal spotlight as she and Torey Lanez were involved in a shooting. Megan has been very vocal about the entire frightening experience, however thusfar has shied away from naming who shot her in the feet. Yesterday, she broke her silence in an IG Live session, and made it official that Torey Lanez was the one whom shot her. 

Megan had said that previously she had wanted to preserve Torey Lanez's reputation, but she's just become fed up with being attacked online. Who would appreciate being called a liar, and faking her injuries for sympathy? Yesterday however, she spoke her truth - 

"Yes, this n*gga Tory shot me. You shot me and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and sh*t. Stop lying.

"It's only four motherf*ckas in the car," Megan explained. "Me, you, my homegirl, and your security. Everybody in the car arguing. I'm in the front seat, this n*gga in the backseat. I get out the car, I'm done arguing. I don't wanna argue no more. I get out. I'm walking away. This n*gga, from out the backseat of the car, started shooting me. You shot me. I ain't get cut by no glass, but let me tell you why they saying that."

Megan claimed that the event didn't even happen at Kylie Jenner's home, and that concerned citizens called the police for her - "We was five minutes away from my spot, I was just trying to get home. The police come, I'm scared," she said. "All this sh*t going on with the police, the police is shooting motherf*ckers for anything." At the time Megan didn't want to mention that there were black people with a weapon in the car, for fear that the situation with the police would escalate. 

"I'm scared. There's a helicopter over us and some more sh*t," she said. "Why the f*ck would I tell the laws there's a gun in this car and this n*gga shot me?... I didn't tell the police immediately right then 'cause I didn't want to die."

August 21, 2020 — Admin Account

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