Even after mutli platinum albums and exceptional success on the charts, it still seems sometimes like Abel is trying to figure out a hairstyle to stick with. While we know that he's exceptionally creative, it seems his matches the trend. 

Recently The Weeknd sat down with Esquire for a profile and explained the meaning of his hit "Blinding Lights," and a feasible reason as to why his style is always switching up. 

"I wasn’t too confident with how I looked," he confided about his early aversion to the spotlight. "I didn’t think that I could sell the music looking like me. I was very hardheaded. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever done a radio interview. I just feel like I would give a horrible interview." 

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Those times are long passed it appears, as Abel has confidently claimed his spotlight among the music elite. For the profile he premiered a comfortable new look, sporting some tight braids and a cap that fans seem to love. 

"The braids actually look good," said a fan in the comments, while others debated his appearance compared to Frank Ocean and Travis Scott. All were on board with the braids though, as others claimed "I WANT ABEL TO KEEP THIS HAIR PLS GOD"

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