Rick Ross is a legend if there ever was one and he is still coming out with new music and impressing his fans with solid bars and amazing style. As such, one might understand how he as built a massive empire thanks to endorsement deals and media ventures. However, Ross is always out there grindin' looking for new ways to get his hands on the next big thing. TO help celebrate the release of his new book, The Perfect Day To Boss Up, which is a self-help guide of sorts that teaches people how to embrace the grind and ultimately build wealth, Ross took to Instagram where he flexed some meaty stacks of cash to the camera. As he explains in the clip below, he says that truly anyone can make this kind of money as long as they are in love with the grind.

While flexing is usually an eye-roll-inducing type of thing although, in this instance, it feels like Ross is doing it for the greater good. For many, generational wealth is the goal and sometimes it takes a little reminder of what it takes to reach that goal, in order to remain motivated.

Check out the clip for yourself. 

September 15, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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