T-Pain has shared with the world that he got a tattoo of a viral Jackie Chan meme so people would have to look at it while "they're telling me stupid shit." Pain discussed the tattoo in a new interview with Insider.

“It was just fun to put that [hand up] while these people are talking to me and not even have to make that expression,” T-Pain said. “It was funny as hell to have people look at [the tattoo] when they’re telling me stupid shit.”

“The hand just says it all: ‘Stop talking to him,’” he continued.

The Jackie Chan OG meme originated on the internet in the late 2000s and the renowned actor even posted the image on his Facebook with the text overlay: “I am an Internet meme?” The picture in question was taken during the 2005 Toronto Film Festival where Chan was promoting his movie The Myth.

Pain had the image tattooed on his hand in July 2012. 

"What does Reddit think about my ultimate face palm tattoo?" Pain wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post from the time he got the ink.

Pain reportedly has at least 12 tattoos, which include an image of a "like" button and the word "tattoo" on his neck.

Check out a recent video where T-Pain explains all his tattoos.

September 14, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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