Ever since the Smith family opened up about deeply personal aspects of their lives on the Red Table Talk, the world has discovered all sorts of facts about the family. Three separate generations sit around the table and hash it out and speak about pop culture issues. 

One of the most recent episodes was themed around women's relationships, especially mother-daughter relationships which are often at odds. During their weekly discussion, Willow Smith recognized that her mother Jada Pinkett Smith was much harsher on her than Willow's brother Jaden. 

I also want to bring up, there is a difference in how Black moms will treat their daughters and their sons," Willow said. Jada admitted that she was much harder on Willow than Jaden, and was then prompted on why she took that stance. “It’s coming from, I gotta be on it, we gotta be on it because I know with this world, we have to work harder," Jada answered. "And then I’d be like, ‘And his father will deal with [Jaden] but you mine.'

"For me, I knew that she’s gonna have it twice as hard," Jada continued. "I needed you to be strong because I know what this world is like for us as Black women."


Otherwise on the show, Willow ended up admitting that she was "a mean girl" to young women, because she hadn't been dealing with her emotional issues appropriately. Probably because she wasn't equipped to handle them yet. What do you think? 

October 29, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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