Whether it’s dropping tracks with Drake or Daft Punk, The Weeknd has been one of the hottest up and coming hip hop artists of the past decade- Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, otherwise known as The Weeknd is best friends with some of the biggest names in the game, and has been dropping tracks with everyone from Lana Del Ray to Kendrick Lamar. The dopest thing besides his bars? The hip hop jewelry The Weeknd rolls in.

The Weeknd is a voice for a younger generation that’s foregone the love ballads, and has gone straight for the intoxicated hedonism and want for easy release. The emotion Abel puts into every album is palpable, real and drives record sales. Just simple facts. Fans have connected with him and his message, which goes on top of fantastic productions and a beat that’s as dope as The Weeknd’s changing hairstyle.

Whether it’s collaborating with Daft Punk on his Starboy album, or working on mixtapes with Lil Wayne and French Montana, Abel is always looking Fresh AF- whether it’s iced out earrings, a massive diamond iced out pendant or the hottest hip hop jewelry online, Hip Hop Bling will make sure your style is as lit as The Weeknd’s when you head out to be seen.

From touring with Drake and Justin Timberlake on the 20/20 and Would You Like A tours, to dropping his newest album My Dear Melancholy, The Weeknd is still going hard in the studio with new projects. Keep your eyes peeled for more projects, most notably We’re Alone Together on his Abel project.

The Weeknd Discography

  • Studio Albums
  • Kiss Land
    • Released: September 10, 2013
    • Label: XO, Republic
    • Formats: CD, LP, digital download
  • Beauty Behind The Madness
    • Released: August 28, 2015
    • Label: XO, Republic
    • Formats: CD, LP, digital download, cassette
  • Starboy
    • Released: November 25, 2016
    • Label: XO, Republic
    • Formats: CD, digital download, LP