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Round Cut Certified Moissanite Loose Stones VVS D 4MM-15MM


Certified Moissanite Loose Stones

Moissanite Loose stones GRA Certified.  Perfect for jewelry repair or making your own jewelry.  Our Moissanite Stones have a higher refractive index than real Diamonds and rank about 9.5 on Mohs hardness scale (Diamond is 10).  

Choose from 4MM-15MM Loose Moissanite Diamond Stones

Stone:  Moissanite

Cut:  Ideal Cut 8 Hearts 8 Arrows Full Cut

Color:  D (Colorless)

Clarity:  VVS

Certification:  GRA

Each Moissanite Stone comes with a GRA certificate, certificate card, and stone box.

EACH QUANTITY OF 1 IS FOR ONE STONE.  Select multiple quantities for additional moissanite stones.  We have large stock of each size.

*Beats Many Commonly Used Diamond Testers

Size Carat Weight
4.0MM 0.30 Carats
4.5MM 0.40 Carats
5.0MM 0.50 Carats
5.5MM 0.60 Carats
6.0MM 0.80 Carats
6.5MM 1.00 Carats
7.0MM 1.20 Carats
7.5MM 1.50 Carats
8.0MM 2.00 Carats
9.0MM 3.00 Carats
10.0MM 4.00 Carats
11.0MM 5.00 Carats
12.0MM 6.00 Carats
13.0MM 8.00 Carats
14.0MM 10.00 Carats
12.00 Carats