Emerald Cut Certified Moissanite Loose Stone VVS D

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Certified Moissanite Loose Stones

Moissanite Loose stones GRA Certified.  Perfect for jewelry repair or making your own jewelry.  Our Moissanite Stones have a higher refractive index than real Diamonds and rank about 9.5 on Mohs hardness scale (Diamond is 10).  

Choose from 4MM-15MM Loose Moissanite Diamond Stones

Stone:  Moissanite

Cut:  Emerald

Clarity:  VVS

Color:  D (Colorless)

Certification:  GRA

Each Moissanite Stone comes with a GRA certificate, certificate card, and stone box.

EACH QUANTITY OF 1 IS FOR ONE STONE.  Select multiple quantities for additional moissanite stones.  We have large stock of each size.

*Beats Many Commonly Used Diamond Testers

Size Carat Weight
3.0MM X 5MM 0.50 Carats
4.0MM X 6MM 0.80 Carats
5.0MM X 7MM 1.00 Carats
6.0MM X 8MM 2.00 Carats
7.0MM X 9MM 3.00 Carats
8.0MM X 10MM 4.00 Carats
9.0MM X 11MM 5.00 Carats
10.0MM X 12MM 8.00 Carats
10.0MM X 14MM 10.00 Carats
12.0MM X 14MM 12.00 Carats



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